Friday, July 22, 2016

Gerwyn Price gets it this week for proving what a gobby useless Welsh prick he is.
Acts the spastic on twitter and when it came time for him to back up his mouth he shat himself, against a Lewis who was piss poor, its not like he lost to a guy throwing brilliantly.

The post match interview by Adrian Lewis was brilliant, and his comment how you cannot practice crapping yourself was brilliant.I laughed so much I lost weight.
Price is a typical rugby type prick, the sort of scumbag cunt who gives it the big mouth and fancies himself as something special, and lives in his own imaginary world. I hope Adrian Lewis batters him every single time they meet from now on and makes Price his bitch.

A special mention for the telescope inspector Jamie Caven.
I would dearly love if we never saw that cyclops cunt on tv ever again. A glorified floor jobber, a one eyed Darren Webster who averaged in the 70s.
One certain forum that is dying on its arse had its mods out in force to defend the choking cunt, and would not allow some home truths be posted as he was a friend of the site, and fear his wife with a bigger penis than him would be on complaining.
The excuses flowed how he was great on the floor, was a sound guy, he was playing the best player in the world etc etc etc, he not only lost, had a shit average but smiled and giggled with a glint in his only eye as the World watched the crippled diabetic cunt get ass fucked by a green hunchback live in high definition.

Been announced this week that pro tours will now be streamed in the PDC, great news as the likes of Caven, Webster, Pieman and the rest of the Clogger Coalition can now shit themselves on the floor as well when the spot the cameras and hopefully they become as relevant as those jobbing cunts in the BDO.

On the subject of the BDO, no news to report in a time when they need to be announcing things.
Lets hope it stays that way and their Masters and Lakeshite do not get tv air time and do more damage to the game.
Plus it will piss of a load of people which in itself is also as good a reason as any.