Friday, July 15, 2016

This week it goes to Melted Plastic Bag Face.
I know you are all thinking why ? He has done nothing this week....and there in lies the problem.
This bells palsy looking scut, who is suppose to be a top player and the #1 player in the BDO , he will be spending his weekend washing his cheap clothes and packing bags for his next trip to some godforsaken piss soaked dump in his quest for bdo ranking points in his special bus.

Meanwhile guys with a set of balls, a backbone, and wait for it....ambition and desire will be getting ready to play in a proper Darts Major this week in the PDC Matchplay.
Does anyone think players like Alan Norris is tonight wishing he was in some dump and still in the BDO or is he looking forward to a comp with a 6 figure first prize live in HD on Sky sports being beamed around the world to millions.
A first round loser getting 6k , 10k for a second round loser.
To put that in comparison, Melted Plastic Bag Face best ever performance at Bob Potters Emporium of Piss  - a semi final in 2015 earned him 15k, Norris on the other hand can eclipse that with just 2 wins in this comp.
And Alan Norris is not just alone, look at the other switchers in recent times Benito van de Pas has earned almost 200k since his switch, Bunting earned thousands more than that.

Meanwhile back in that shitstain on a map that is Middlesboro Fire Damage features is still contemplating his stupidity in buying into those deluxe contracts, the bullshit of the BDO and the "new era".
How much did he earn at Billingsgate ?...on wait that was cancelled, and the fans were gutted, not cos they actually cared about the darts, but the thought of those 20p pints of lager not happening must have been a blow to the BDO fans who attend events as a piss up.

I am sure the BDO #1 will take to bdo fanatics on facebook and claim he does not care what people think, say he never reads here, despite him once telling me he reads here every week, and state he is so happy where he is and how his career is going, who knows he might even convince himself eventually.
I am sure Warty and anorexic Egerton and his rag tag band of simpletons, cunts, and cripples will stroke his ego and tell him he is right to stay in the BDO, as there will be an announcement soon, big things are happening, use the usual keywords like "loyalty" and how its a "new era" and we all know he will buy it.

In other news the upcoming shownights event is struggling with entries, no surprise really, bdo darts is dead, even former loyal fans are deserting in droves, and those stupid enough to persist and stay are even threatened.
One simple loyal BDO mushroom spoke out how he was phoned and threatened for posting negative comments about the BDO on his twitter account, then this guy was also threatened by Wayne Williams at Lakeshite and keeps coming back so maybe deserves the abuse if he is stupid enough to take it in the first place.