Friday, November 11, 2016

This 2 faced hypocrite sack of shit made a late charge for the award this week.
Here is a cunt who recently moaned about PDC players in bdo events, like those challenge tour players in the same week this potbellied northern scumbag cunt is playing in a PDC events like the Grand Sham of Darts and crawling like the begging cunt he is for the  PDC coin.

He should have been banned for life years ago already for the time he and that self confessed cheating prick Ando rigged a game in the Grand Sham a few years ago. The most blatant cheating I possibly ever witnessed in a game of Darts, up there with that other cunt Gary Jobson who all were part of the same group.

Then again, when the Grand Sham money is the biggest comp financially the bdo scum will every play for, is it any wonder they come begging cap in hand.
The excuses will be coming thick and fast this week when the bdo scum get tore new assholes. It might be better for them to go out early in the groups before they disgrace themselves over the longer format.
Already the bearded prick Adams has his fans crying, after the prick fell about the place drunk like a common cunt in Italy last weekend and lost in the final with a 57 average...yes 57.
When I had the audacity to laugh at his average the cancer excuse was out straight away.
I suppose it was the cancer that made the prick this week moan how there was no bar for the players in the practice area...imagine that, the PDC players not treating a major tournament like an extension of a piss up on the travel club, what cunts the PDC must be.
how dare they not encourage the piss up.
Already this week I saw morons on facebook wanting Munters in the Grand sham..seriously, they allow these people breed, and vote.

Also in contention this week for Knob of the Week was a player who made the news initially cos of his knob,and his habit of taking pics of it and sending it to mongos.
 Jelle Klaasen might have a knob, but the dutch prick lacks a set of balls to go with it, had he a set he might be in the Grand sham this weekend.
How ? Because if he did not back down to that hunchbacked prostitute visiting MVG and demanded his spot in the PDC World Cup team he would now be surely in the Grand Sham, instead he withdrew and allowed Barney in, who now has a spot in the Grand Sham he hardly deserved.

Klaasen should have stood his ground and if MVG wanted him out of the team, let it all be out in the open, no fuckin way should he have withdrawn, unless he was publicly forced out.

Speaking of this clusterfuck of a joke that is this years Grand Sham of Darts, this is the first year the BDO squad of begging scum don't look as bad when compared to the players that made up pot 3 in the draw.
A sorry sad list of useless cunts and inexperienced players for the most part.
Take a look at those in pot 3 below and opposite them are the players who miss out and will be at home sitting on their arses watching Darren fuckin the name of fuck.
How can anyone think this is a genuine major when guys like Bunting who has won full competitions is at home, like Klaasen who has made finals, and Darren fuckin Webster who only reached the last 8 in a depleted field can get in....utterly ridiculous, and then to compound this shit they have only gone and made this crap a ranking event.

We will get Adams -v Hopp instead of say Adams  -v- Bunting
Durrant -v-Nathan Derry , instead of a possible  Durrant  -v- Klaasen
We have Daryl Fitton -v- Darren fuckin webster....sweet mother of Jesus.

Barry Hearn may be the king of Darts, but he has royally fucked up this event with the qualifying criteria.

Also a mention for, not Darren Fuckin Webster yet again, or Dave fuckin Whitcombe but Darts for Windows or more precisely its owner and designer Roger Boyesen.
This feeble minded bag of dirt, went on last week about his program in connection to the draw rigging in the Turkish open by those Lincolnshire scuts the Selecta's.
In an amazing coincidence he has "decided" the draw was not rigged.He just decided that today.

Yes thats right, its a coincidence,
The draw in turkey that had odds of millions to one of happening was also a coincidence
The new admin of BDO Fanatics who bans any discussion on the rigged draw is a friend of the Selecta's...that's another coincidence as well.
An awful lot of coincidences lately concerning the draw.
Its also a coincidence that Rogers biggest customer is the WDF, so imagine all our surprise when shit for brains Roger did a u-turn and claimed his biggest and only customer would never do anything underhanded.Who saw that coming.
But this is the best part, you would think if he was gonna lie or take a backhander he would have get his withered gums shut instead of mouthing off in the first place and dig the hole even deeper, the hole he is now standing in.

If you want to be seen as professional you hire professionals.
If you allow amateurs run a business its not surprise if its in the shit and amateur.

Also a mention for the great Eric Bristow, the greatest of all time when it came to mind games and pushing so called fans.
This week his tweets have had the bdo mushrooms crying non stop and has been a joy to behold.
Some defective cunts even called for his titles to be stripped....that is the level of lunacy being spouted over King Eric.
Another bdo loving cunt wrote that Bristow was shit and once averaged in the 50s in a PDC comp,forgetting that Eric ran amok in the bdo and won 5 pre split world titles.

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