Friday, July 1, 2016

The award this week goes to this poisonous little hypocrite cunt Warty.
Here is a prick that moans non stop about Loyalty and his love for playing that joke that is BDO/WDF international darts.
Where was his loyalty last weekend when the Scottish team refused to play in one of the comps ?
Where was his love for playing for his country ?
BDO Fanatics seemed very quiet on that issue amazingly.

On the issue of the pathetic world Cup it seems the awful stream was blamed on hotel guests using the wifi they were entitled to use, maybe ross was on the net instead of playing comps checking out what players he could moan about were entering the BDO Gold Cup

Wonder how many of these jobbing cunts will make their way to Turkey, after all fuckall happens in Sligo, the last great thing there was the killing of Lord Mountbatten and that was 37 years ago, around the time Spineless first tried qualifying for the World Championships.

Also special mentions for the former Elite players of the so called great Lakeshite stage like the human calculator and leader of the JOB Squad Dean Winstanley, a former Lakeshite finalist, who not only failed to qualify for the next 2 euro events, in a depleted field, he could not even win a single pre lim match in 2 attempts.
Former semi finalist Pecker woods also lost both his prelim matches,
Former Lakeshite winners Webster and Beaton could not quality either, losing to giants of the game in Michael Barnard, Billy Holmes, Ritchie Edhouse and Joe Murnan.
And there are people who think that Phil Taylor is the only difference between the codes.

I also read a comment this week how some would love to see the game unified, my hope is it never happens, fuck the BDO , who in their right minds wants munter darts in the PDC, the BDO men are atrocious enough without taking the munters, youth, and the disabled under their wing, the PDC do not owe them a living, am sure the BDO fans can understand that philosophy seeing as they never had a problem with it before.

Read a comment on the Darts forum this week how the BDO players in Turkey will be safe from any terrorist attack, seeing as ISIS only bomb places where they know crowds of people will be, so that rules out the BDO events.