Friday, June 24, 2016

The only thing the England Team won tonight is Knob of the Week.
They led 6-1 against the useless micks and lost, and should have lost by more.

Dennis Harbour played 5 times, lost 4 times and the one scabby leg he did win  was only cos the thick paddy bastard missed a slew of doubles.
Scott Mitchell who should have felt at home in sligo where pigshit in theair is the natural smell in that dump lost 3 games.
That fat little cunt hillbilly lost 3 games.....when this heap of shit is what is representing England you just have to stand back and laugh.

The venue was empty, the stream was utter shit and the almost 200 countries in the world with access to the stream saw it reach almost 200 viewers, the equivalent of one per per country in the world, such is the demand for this.

Then why else would they hold in in a fucking dump that is sligo.
Sligo is like wales, lovely scenery in parts, but it smells, the people retarded, there is fuckall work and if there was the people would rather be on the dole.
Its gypo central, a built up area in Sligo is a larger than normal halting site, traveling through the town is like an episode of time tunnell.
An ideal place to bring your kids if you wanted to show them what Ireland was like in the only fitting for a BDO event.

The averages for some mysterious reason have not been published yet.....I wonder why.