Friday, June 17, 2016

In a quiet week all round, this weeks Knob Of The Week goes to the darting association of a whole county.


A county so flat, featureless and boring, as well as being home to a certain Martin Adams, held its annual county open last weekend.£1000 to the men's winner, not a terrible prize for a small event.

Earlier on in the week there was the announcement on Lincolnshire County Darts Facebook page that the stage finals would be streamed on Facebook, using a phone. Straight away we guessed the quality wasn't going to be great, but at least we would be able to see the board, right?

Well, this is what we could see

Absolutely fuck all. Nothing. And this was after a test run. But yet they continued filming, even apologising for the glare but yet doing fuck all to correct it.

A grand total of 39 viewers at one point makes you wonder what the point was, and that's before you look at the lop sided ladies draw where anyone of note was in one half....and Paula Bo Selecta Jacklin was in the other. One assumes she and her "lovely" husband Des were responsible for the streaming, the worst streaming attempt since the World Cup in Canada where they tried to show you 8 boards at once.

Notable mentions this week:

- Peter Wright, who continues to have his silly protest at the PDC by refusing to do his hair.
- Lee Hayes, the darting saviour of Southport, who saw his missus jailed today for 3 years for biting someone's ear off. Not his fault of course, but his attention seeking on Facebook has been legendary.
-Dave Chisnall, for being the only top PDC player in New Zealand today to almost lose his match, going 4-3 behind before pulling his finger out of his arse and breaking twice to win.