Friday, June 10, 2016

This weeks award goes to the collective that makes up the bulk of the JOB Squad.
A group of players who because they were able to travel the shitholes of Europe to get ranking points, and did well in  BDO events, mushrooms were falling over themselves to claim they were top players.

You only need look at the useless cunts that make up the JOB Squad.
A collection of fuckers that had success of some sort in the BDO but have been absolutely useless in the PDC.
You have Pecker Woods who made a Lakeshite semi final, but cannot even qualify for most Euro Tour events.
There is Robbie Green, another jobber that reached a January Jobber Jamboree semi final who also struggles to even make a Euro tour.
Same again for Jan Dekker yet another Potters Palace of Piss semi finalist.

Lets not forget the Human Calculator, here is a full blown PDC jobber, but he was reaching the final of Lakeshite and the Winmau Masters.
Christian "Goldfish mouth" Kist must be the pick of the bunch, this guy is the absolute pits, and he actually won Lakeshite. I remember when mushrooms said he would do well in the PDC like he was some sort of top player.
Lakeshite is like the Spastic Olympics, dont matter who wins, they will still be a spastic, as someone has to win regardless of the quality., however there will be no shortage of inbred simpletons all to quick to make out they are top players.

Ted Hankey, Andy the obese hun cunt Fordham, the cross dressing alcoholic criminal Les Wallace, and Johnboy Walton all ex Lakeshite champs who could not cut it in the PDC.
Add Kist to that list and make room for that welsh muppet Mark Webster.

Then there are the players who were supposed to be top players who reached the #1 in the BDO rankings for periods of time due to their "consistency"...step forward  Stuart Kellet, Steve Farmer and James Wilson, a sorry bunch of useless cunts,
Wilson at least managed to actually beat other jobbers to qualify for this weekends Euro tour but lost out to another jobber making his debut.

Every year its the same thing, some player who only moved up the rankings cos those above them previously left for the PDC the year before is being touted as the next big thing.Then he switches and bombs.
It is over a decade since Klaasen won Lakeshite and only now he is starting to perform.

Barney came in with confidence the first year, won a few comps then got raped mentally by Taylor and its coming up to TEN YEARS since the hypoglycemic headshaking lazy postman cunt won a Major ranking PDC title.

Then there is Bunting, he too came with a load of confidence, had mushrooms salivating at the thought of him doing well in the PDC, one workshy dwarf  even claimed that Bunting was the third best player in the World, then the same mentally and physically stunted  attention seeking pygmy also claimed the Phil Taylor was the only difference between the codes.
I knew and said from day one the fat sack of scouse supporting shit Bunting would never be a top player and still stand by it.

Jeffrey de Graaf already looking like prime JOB Squad material , and went out to another jobber this weekend.
Daryl "the rat bastard illigetimate lovechild of jimmy hill" Gurney and Desperate Dan lookalike Alan Norris are the only 2 recent switchers who look like they might be going places
Every BDO refugee came to the PDC for the chance to earn a living, something not given to them in the BDO, and for every player that has made the grade like Chizzy, there is a long long list of useless cunts like Stuart Kellet, Steve Douglas, Tony and Steve West, Steve Farmer, James Wilson, Andy Boulton, Christian Kist, Johnboy Walton, Les Wallace, Ross Smith, Ted Hankey, Andy Fordham, Jan Dekker, Dean Winstanley, Robbie Green, Brian Woods etc etc etc.

Only a matter of time before Darryl Fitton is being called one of the best in the World by mushrooms surely, after his recent mid 80 average won what was laughingly referred to as a "major"....major disaster more like.
Then Scott Waites won 2 "world pro" titles with a mid 80 average.

Also a mention for Popcorn teeth Sue the Gash this week as she, her cunt husband, and the rest of the board are silent as usual and nothing from them in regards to a venue.

As for the scumbag Jacklins, delighted to see the the EDO and Tommy Thompson get an event going to coincide with the Turkish Open  that Bo Selecta and Co. are organising.
Some are whining and crying that TT did it on purpose to get back at those who wished him dead, and so what, you cannot blame him.