Friday, June 3, 2016

No surprise these bingo winged, potbellied beached whales, carpet munching dyke, dolescum, and council estate scum passing themselves of as females should win the award.
The darts by these "things" last weekend were as atrocious as expected.
Sick of hearing how these munters can compete with the men,  Lisa Ashton hit a 98 average, but that was a one off, and that type of average on a regular basis would win you nothing in the mens game in the PDC, although 98 is over 10 points more than what Mr Potato head Scortt Waites won 2 Bob Potter piss soaked lakeshite mickey mouse cups.

We were told its the start of a "new era", and who is the first face of this new era ??? A fucking dinosaur in Darryl Fitton, , there are people on the dole who made more in the last 2 years than he did.
When that old jobber is the face of the "new era" it shows how shit things are. did a good job with presentation, but as a friend said, you cannot polish a turd.
No decent presentation can paper over the cracks like the shit averages and the munters.

Des Jacklin also deserves a mention this week, this is the prick from Lincolnshire darts, who threatens people on forums, makes false accusations, told Tommy Thompson of EDO darts he hoped his cancer treatment did not work, this weekend confronted a fan at Lakeshite with fellow scumbag Wayne Williams  and threatened him, all this in the presence of a child, and Jacklin when asked to stop because of the kid ignored the request.

Like Wayne Williams, Des Jacklin in his search for info on me contacted people who rather help me out than that scumbag.

Also a mention for fire damage feature old Melted Plastic Bag face himself for another choking in a darts comp.
He and bottler O Shea battling it out for the title of biggest choker in the history of darts.
Great to see a PDC youth player batter the bearded prick spineless as well.