Friday, May 27, 2016

Who else could be more deserving or fitting on the eve of what promises to be a clusterfuck of all clusterfucks in terms of so called BDO Majors.

The so called 2 sponsors that was promised turned out to be one sponsor which was only announced hours ago....and they are Sports Direct, a tracksuit and trainers provider, which is perfect for your average free loading bdo dolescum fan.
A company owned by Mike Ashley, the fat cunt who owns the losers of Newcastle, and has a share in the scum club Sevco, only natural he gets involved with the BDO.

Speaking of scum, Bo Selecta and it's degenerate husband took to BDO fanatics to actually compliment Sue the Gash on the so called good job she has done for the Catas Trophy.

Already reports are coming in that Dole giros cashed by Bob Potter  are down on the normal Lakeshite averages, but still a record high for summer in Surrey..

So who is paying for all this , ???
There is no way on earth is Sports Direct coughing up 50k, let alone the 100k needed to cover the prize fund, money wasted in a vain effort to save face, money that is not even Sue the Gash's , but entrusted to her by the counties to put to good use an.....ah fuck it, who are we kidding., she could stick the bdo money in a fucking slot machine like that other cow Irene Mungins of Lancashire darts did  and the counties would do nothing and just accept it like the retarded cunts they are.
Why the fuck should Popcorn teeth care, she knows she can do what she likes and those muppets will continue to buy into that shit.

In  a sort of perverse sick way I am looking forward to this joke of an event which kicks off  with a physically deformed choker from that shitstain on the map Middlesboro against a obese sack of human shit so vile and disgusting people will only watch in the hope his long awaited heart attack happens live during what is laughingly referred to as a darts match.
Follow that up with some midgets from Yorkshire, some potbellied munters, a sprinkle of euro jobbers led by a ginger cunt wearing gloves and a medallion, some yank nobodies to make up the numbers.......hang on...I remember the mushrooms complaining non stop years ago when the PDC had american players in their comps making up the numbers....or maybe I imagined that as the mushrooms would surely never change their minds on things to suit their agenda.
All the ingredients for what promises to be heaven for all of us sadomasochists.

Even the newspaper ad doing the rounds has Ted Hankey and the bull dyke in the picture as if they were some household superstar names, and no sign of their amateur champion in the pic.
But my favorite ad , has to be this picture....look at the crowd in the poster.

A mention also for the dutch cunt MVG, his tears today were a joy to watch when Ando beat him in the Dubai Exbo.

Also I hope Krusty will kick the gimmick into touch to get back at the PDC, his attitude and serious player style against MVG is the type of player I would rather see.
While I always hated his clown gimmick he did use it to his advantage at the start to put him in the PL, he does not need it anymore as he can rely on his quality darts now