Friday, May 20, 2016

It would be a bit foolish to award Knob of the Week to that poisonous hunchbacked cunt MVG this week seeing as he won the Premier League, but it wont stop me telling some home truths about this vile 2 faced hypocrite cunt.

While I am not ever defending what Klaasen did, if the PDC think he has paid for his crimes then that should be it, you cannot keep going back to the well to drag up his past crimes whenever it suits or to please the cunt MVG.
Here is a guy who has maintained his bitterness and stance against Klaasen as if he was some upstanding member of society and a leading light on moral behavior, this is the lard arse hunchback ugly bastard that like Taylor, spineless Adams and others in Darts has no problem cheating on the wife, in MVG's case with prostitutes.
This is the same dutch cunt who seemingly has an issue with Klaasen  and refuses to shake his hand, but has no problem rimming a cunt like Taylor with a conviction for sexual assault.
If he has a problem with Klaasen and does not want to play, then he should be the one to step down from the Dutch team.
While there is no proof either way to suggest Barry Hearn and the PDC had some influence in the statement by Klaasen my own personal opinion is MVG put pressure on the PDC and got what he wanted.
Like it or not there is a clique in the PDC of pretentious cunts who have this sense of entitlement, and MVG is one of them.
Another is that fat head shaking hypoglycemic postman cunt who is feeling a little bored with darts at the moment ...bless him ....and I read reports he is unhappy on how qualification for the european championships is now done.
Well the choking prick does not attend Euro events so why should he get in the European champs, but this is Barney, a cunt with a history of getting things he does not deserve, like multiple Premier League opportunities, and this week a place in the Dutch team for the PDC World Cup.
Had the diabetic downy dipso any solidarity let alone self respect he would have not taken the World Cup spot he knows he did not earn, but then he is used to handouts, dutch prick aint won a ranking major in a decade.

Then there is Taylor, another member of the clique. His performance in the PL final was a disgrace, he basically resigned himself to the fact what all knew all along and that is, he is MVG's bitch.The only saving grace for Taylor  is after decades of top class performances I would not begrudge this one choking incident,my worry is he will hang around too long like a punch drunk boxer, best he gets out now,  but supect his ego wont allow that happen.
Taylor is defending a winners cheque at the Matchplay so in line for a major drop down the rankings.
Come next year when the PDC World Cup teams are to be announced and Wade and Lewis are above Taylor, will Wade be expected to do a Klaasen and pull out citing some made up commitments ? Will Taylor do an MVG and make demands on the PDC as well ?

Wade  is not part of the PDC clique, as evidenced when the PDC "doctors" decided he could not play in the Premier League a few years ago, which oddly was the same time Wade spoke out about favoritism in the PDC...go figure.

Gary Anderson did his weekly choke in the semi final,  and if he did not choke against Taylor , he would have done it against MVG....
And as for Fatpot Lewis, call it laziness, call it choking, call it a disgrace, but here is a guy who has talent but has completely wasted it.
Runs his pie eating hole in interviews only to do fuck all.
Here is a guy that won 2 World titles, a UK Open and a scabby European championships, all combined about a month of playing well in ten fucking years......what else has he done, his PL record is abysmal, he rather play exbo's on the UK-Holland ferry for that cunt dellar who is aiding him destroy what once promised to be a top class career.
Seems like a lifetime ago Lewis was beating MVG in a world matchplay semi final with proper darts, now look at the fat lazy mess...sickening.....and that is why he is Knob of the Week.

But enough about MVG, Ando, Lewis, Taylor , Barney and Hearn, after all I was told I only slate the BDO.
Speaking about the BDO here are the 2 new sponsors that were promised for the CastasTropy ?
The Williams must be pissing themselves laughing at those who run the bdo counties.These people must be the most retarded cunts in history, week after week, month after month, the Williams promise them things, and never deliver, the county members mumble and groan on facebook and twitter  but when it comes to doing anything they go silent.
Is it any wonder the Williams keep on pulling the same shit over and over, knowing full well these fuckwads will simply accept it.