Friday, May 13, 2016

Another week goes by and no mention of details on the upcoming clusterfuck of a World Darts CatasTrophy.
We were told 2 new sponsors would be announced, and unless the carrier pigeon is late reaching Ireland I aint heard shit.
If these mythical sponsors did exist you would imagine they would want publicity in some form, and no way should these mythical sponsors ever come to fruition they will not be covering the 100, 000 prizefund.

This BDO Major sold.....drum roll please...ZERO TICKETS today., the BDO will be lucky if they reach 25% capacity.
I wonder who will get the blame for this, as Sue the Gash and her cuckold spastic old cunt of a husband wont take the blame. They rather moan about forums and the use of the BDO logo which has become synonymous with  comedy, fuck ups, and ineptness.
Then this scumbag bitch who likes making threats about people but gets offended when any abuse comes her way will not worry as the counties will do what they are told and she has no intention of ever resigning, then I hope she stays and kills the BDO off completely.

Now there are rumors of Warren Brown taking legal action against the BDO over breach of contract, if true and I hope it is I urge people to support Warren Brown.

Other things that got on my nerves this week in the world of darts......

Rod Harrington , yes, he was a great player, and does a lot of good in the PDC but fuck me he sputs some inane shit.
Where I hear him commentate and go on about wasted 180s  and his golf analogies it bugs the shit out of me. Today he kept up his bullshit about legs being "on par"  "front 9" averages instead of this retarded first 9 averages,a stupid stat the shit BDO made common.Its darts you thick cunt not Golf

His comments Thursday how this was the first time the Premier League was outside Great Britain pissed me off, and he said it 3 times.
He is too stupid to know that the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are NOT in Great Britain.

Mark Webster- The guy with the most retarded nickname...the spider.
A spider has 8 legs, that more legs than Webster will ever get in a match , the useless welsh cunt.

Jo Wright - Its bad enough she spends her time making her boyfriend/husband or whatever he is look like a british version of John Wayne Gacy , now she is letting her poisonous piehole run riot on twitter bitching how players are stopping her jammy cunt partner from succeeding in darts and insinuating match fixing.
She seems to forget he is a choking cunt who has won nothing of note in his entire career.

On the Premier League in Holland, what a spectacular event, the atmosphere even on telly was visible, and whilst the averages on show were not as high as previous weeks it showed how far the PDC has come, of course there will always be some people on twitter who like to find fault.
I am waiting for some spastic from the midlands to complain the Rotterdam event suffered by the lack of endorsing from the official WDF, as that is so important.

Also on the PL, it seemed the sponsors Betway were not allowed to advertise as it was against the law in Holland, the same country where it is legal to fuck a prostitute and get stoned.No wonder MVG loves being at home in Holland.
I have been to Holland and the prostitutes are better than the ones in Bradford I can assure you.