Friday, May 6, 2016

No surprise this weeks winner of Knob of the Week is Wayne Williams, the short arsed old frail cuckolded husband of  "popcorn teeth" Sue Williams.

For those curious, Popcorn teeth was a name I saw mentioned on the TSoD darts forum , a name I was accused of using in the past, a lie but thought it was funny so hence its use.

anyhow back to the mentally unstable scumbag cunt Wayne and his cunt wife Sue.
It seems Wayne paid a visit to the home of the guy who owns The Darts Forum  and to the workplace belonging to one of the owners of The Stars of Darts making threats, which resulted in both guys having to phone the police.

He seemed to have an issue with the Darts forum highlighting the BDO's connection to the dubious character Warren Brown who also has been reported to the police, and had an issue with the Darts Forum breaking other news such as the World Darts Catas Trophy no longer being held at the Victoria Warehouse after getting fucked out.

Seems all the failings and inadequacies  of the BDO are now being blamed on the Darts forums, and Wayne has an issue with criticism and his cunt wife being called a cunt, well tough shit, what else would you call her, she had no problems making public threats about me at Lakeshite, told others they would "sort me out". Its ok to threaten people, but they do not like it when they are insulted.
If they ever came to my door, I would kick the cunt to an early grave with the unmerciful beating I would give him, let them try their scumbag antics on me and intimidation, I with the law on my side defending not only myself but my home and family in the process

Now the little shitstain on humanity is threatening to "sue" forums, because of the use of the BDO logo on them, good luck with that.
A long process that he wont win, and he will either be dead or off the board before anything could become of that, and he is hardly gonna pay a solicitor out of his own pocket by them.

Speaking of paying for nothing, it would not surprise me Waynes little tour was paid for by the counties again.
Bet the  petrol and day out will be covered by expenses, lets call it a "fact finding mission" like that holiday to Las Vegas sue took a couple of years ago, or that trip to Cyprus for that catastrophic event also a few years back.

Then maybe they are right to let the counties pay for everything, afterall what are the counties gonna do, moan and whinge for a little bit but ultimately do nothing as they always do and allow the present useless board to continue as always.

in other news the World Darts Catastrophy is living up to its name.
Tickets to see old county players, fat disgusting over weight munters,  and a fucking raffle with the music of abba in the background are not really selling for some bizarre reason, and the young people seem to be avoiding this, cannot for the life of me think why.

Ticket sales are atrocious, and bank holiday monday the day of the final has sold roughly 75 tickets.

Remember the PDC sold out 10,000 tickets for a Premier League night in Holland in only 47 minutes.

also spare a thought for wee little Warty, who has not got a "loyalty" wildcard for the Catastrophy, seems up and coming youth players like Hankey and Fordham were more deserving.

I am sure Warty can take a page of of Wayne Williams book and put the blame on me or forums for that too.