Friday, April 29, 2016

There can only be one winner this week: step forward the BDO Board, with Sue Williams at the head of it all.

Another week of utter clusterfucks. The World Darts Trophy, only 4 weeks away today, was moved to Lakeshite only on Thursday this week, after people will have bought tickets for the event as well as booked hotel rooms, flights and train tickets.

What earns Sue the title this week is that she allowed tickets to be sold for up to SIX DAYS after the Manchester venue booted them out. Six days of people booking non refundable hotel rooms and travel before the event was announced as being moved over 200 miles away.

Will they get a refund? No fucking chance.

Add to that her letter writing skills. Two this week: one to the counties advising of a change in venue for next week meeting, on which she puts the wrong postcode and goes into embarrassing detail about the fuck up.

The other letter was sent to players, first of all blaming the forums for the mess the BDO is in, before then blaming the venue for having the nerve to ask for extra money for extra days!

Oh, and the WDT qualifier entry form had the wrong phone number on it until it was amended yesterday.

All in all, an utterly fucking embarrassing week all capped off by Grandad Potter saving the day. Pound signs in his eyes no doubt at people buying food and ale in his bar.

In other news, a special mention this week goes to Tony O'Shea. He isn't short of money, yet has decided to go to the Denmark Open on a COACH! The Travel Club lives on.