Friday, April 8, 2016

none more deserving than the BDO fan for this weeks win.
When getting a competition that has always been on telly back on telly on a less popular station is considered a great success and the start of a new era, you have to wonder what sort of era this is and the levels of intelligence or lack there off among the average retarded bdo fan.

It would be like a PDC fan celebrating the Matchplay being on uk gold after sky sports fucked them off and calling it the start of a new era.....well actually it would be a new era, but a pretty fucking dismal one.

Of course all the pretend back slapping and shouting wont cover up the fact that every new proposed competition has been postponed so far this year.
Prizemoney is generally down across the board, and simply maintaining the status quo of previous years is a struggle, and progress is a pipe dream.

The BDO are claiming the World  Darts CatasTrophy will have a prizefund of 150k, and that is inflated due to one third of that fund is for a nine darter, and there is more chance  of Glen Durrant  getting on the cover of Vogue Magazine than there is of us ever seeing a nine darter.

Cannot wait to hear how the Bob Potter annual piss up getting shown on some shit station will also be deemed a roaring success and part of the new era.

As for the event itself, a shit field propped up with throwbacks like Hankey and Fordham who seem to get all the Wildcards rather than invest in some youth player seems all the rage, nevermind that these are wildcards to a ranking event, which in any code seems totally wrong.