Friday, April 15, 2016

Award goes to Warren Brown, the fraudster, who hoodwinked the gullible and stupid BDO in to going into business with him
Click on this link for proof of this Con mans activities
 I wonder what the BDO make of all this ?
Surely only a matter of time before the Bournemouth Teletubby lookalike Scott Mitchell is on twitter trying to blame someone Scott would not invest his money with someone like that.

Seems now the Winmau Masters is in serious trouble as well, and the proposed Copper Box arena is not happening , as no way on earth is Warren Brown gonna stump up the deposit.
I hope every single BDO event goes tits up, fuck the BDO, fuck the stupid useless players, fuck their retarded dense fans, fuck the board and the whole organisation, faster it dies the better.

Speaking of dying, that fat sack of human not Andy the obese hun cunt Fordham, but the racist cunt that was Martin Fatzmaurice snuffed it this week.The former 4 time winner of Knob of the Week wont be missed

As usual the faux grief brigade is out in force, with some mental defects saying how he was a lovely guy and what he did for darts.
Guy was a cunt, and him drawing his terminal breath  as he was penciled in for a visit from the Angel of Death has not changed my opinion on him.
This was the racist cunt who when caught being the racist prick on camera came up with the excuse that he "did not know the camera was on", as if that mitigated the circumstances.
Saw on twitter a family member threatening to slice a persons throat....sound like one cunt of a family and the apple did not fall far from the tree.

On one dart forum one of the precious delicate wallflowers, a well known down syndrome from Birmingham with a love of corpses and sticking his tiny knob in the eye socket of his dead grandmother was so upset at people not being respectful he decided to wish death on people, such is his level of autism.
On another forum, a semen slurping, short arse baldilocked moderator slated fats, then decided to criticize and edit posts of others who dares be unkind, then had to edit his own post as it showed up his hypocrisy.
Seems the fat dead cunt who allegedly cheated on his wife as she was dying with cancer, was a proven racist, and a bitter obese fat cunt, suddenly ceased being that when he kicked the bucket, and is now according to some a "lovely guy" who will be "sadly missed by all".

I said before if there is a God its times like this I hope he is black, but it matters not, as its Hell that is where the cunt is going to.........still he will have Lorna Croft to keep him company.