Friday, April 1, 2016

Who else besides the BDO and everyone connected with them would be better candidates for Knob of the Week on a day celebrated the World over for fools.

Nothing screams fools more than the BDO, from the way it is run, to the players and supporters.
So much for the "announcement " that was promised in March.
Remember the last meeting where the players wanted to complain was cancelled cos it would affect the TV deal that was going on at the time, and as usual the players and fans bought and lapped that shit up,.
The BDO board don't feel under any pressure though, afterall these are the same people who know they never have to resign as the players and fans will buy any shit they spout

It must be absolutely sickening for the mushrooms having to realize they only time a BDO player might appear on TV will be while playing a PDC comp in the Grand Slam of Darts.

Uncle Barry should now use this time to tell the jobber cunts to FUCK OFF, the PDC do not owe them a living, tell Spineless and the other beggars  who come begging cap in hand devoid of any shame or principles where to go.

Also a mention for Bellyboy who was dumped out of the Premier League and deservedly so, the fat sulky strop throwing prick will not be missed, and neither will deformed earlobes and inbred Chiz-Nil, the PDC version of Tony O shea, except unlike Bottler O Shea, Chiz-nil can average over 83.