Friday, March 25, 2016

Another week and another choking performances from Chiz-nil, no surprise the deformed lobed  one has never won a single thing of note in his entire career, and that even includes the shitty BDO.

The new Terry Jenkins, was thinking bottler O Shea first but as least Chiz-Nil can average more than 84 unlike O Shea.
Thornton who had a dismal PL so far at least has some passion and fight but Chisnall just chokes.
This guy is no spring chicken either, when you consider he is years older than Wade who seems to have been around for years you realize how dismal his career has been.

I hope he gets relegated, he has added nothing to the Premier League this year.

also a mention this week on the BDO announcement that was due in March concerning their "TV deals".
3 working days left in the month for the announcement to be made, but does anyone seriously believe there will be one ?

Also this week saw Warren Brown celebrate his birthday, bet with the BDO he must think its Xmas, as these idiots are buying his shit, hook line and sinker.

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