Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Jacklins yet again showing what vile and utter scum they are.
They seem to have a habit of taking to social media to mock the sick, the old and those in other countries but cry themselves and act like victims when  anything is aimed at them.

Vile people, who once at a county match said they hoped Tommy Thompson of the EDO cancer treatment did not work and hoped he would die.
Spent all last week trying to upset people  and throw a spanner in the works of the EDO run Isle of Man.

Today the same 2 cretins who moan about social media spent their pathetic lives doing the very thing they complain about others doing.
No surprise todays target was Deta Hedmans houseboy Paul,  who in an amzing coincidence happens to be an official in the same EDO as Tommy Thompson.

Appears they are running the Turkish Open soon, odd given how much they insulted the turkish people in the past calling then vile , despicable and smelly.
Seems their levels of hypocrisy knows no bounds.

The scumbags are presently out in Torremolinos  with Sue Williams and the rest of the BDO Board, no doubt gets a color in the sun to match Sue's Teeth....all paid for by the counties, the same retarded bunch of cunts who whine and complain about the state of things in the BDO but do nothing to sort it out.

In fact Williams and the gang are right, if the counties are willing to put up with the shit and pay for the BDO Board to go on a jolly up at their expense , they should take it, treat them like the morons they are.

Also a mention this week for Bottler of Shea who I see made a comment back on January 6th of this year
 Big changes on the way ! We've heard it before but it's different this time !!!! , I believe Bdo gonna grow x

I do not think I have ever come across a bigger bunch of scumbags, simpletons, and general scum that what exists in that side of the game with the exception of a few.