Friday, March 11, 2016

This week the award of Knob of the week goes to those people who in essence are the true examples of a knob, the mushrooms, the bdo fans.
I always felt Mushrooms was the apt name for BDO fans , I think of Sue Williams telling the board  to "feed them shit and keep them in the dark"
Here is a clusterfuck of the most mentally stunted, backward and inbred shower of mutants to ever grace this planet.
A group so pathetic that they often refer to the bdo as "we" as if any criticism of the shambolic organisation was some sort of personal attack.

You only need read dart forums to sit back in amazement at some of the retarded notions these clowns spout, that is on the forums they do post on, as some forums like The Darts Forum  saw the mushrooms leave when their beloved organisation was criticized, some mutants even demanded others who voiced an opinion be chastised in order to placate these cretins, maybe its an Isle of Wight thing, or maybe its also a Scottish thing as one porridge slurper also left claiming a forum was anti BDO.

For ages, the Mushrooms who saw the PDC batter the BDO in terms of standard, prize money, averages, ticket sales, attendance etc, clung on to the only thing they had, how Lakeshite got so many viewers, and how this made the BDO some bona fide  rival in their little mind.

In an absolute huge coincidence today the very same people who for years clung to that  notion all now suddenly now insist ratings are not important,
In another totally amazing coincidence today viewing figures for the World Darts CatasTrophy and the watered down Winmau Masters were made public some sessions were beyond awful, one session of darts got 2,200 viewers,  from a population of Billions.

Maybe the mushrooms "were joking" an excuse used by many of them, particularly the potbellied ones.
One particular mutant from wales claimed the viewing figures were not abysmal as there possibly was 5 million viewers watching on illegal streams.
Then boasting about using illegal streams as a defense sums up the Mushroom as they hardly support most BDO events bar the yearly piss up at Bob Potters Emporium of  Piss.

I have seen obese brummies, and workshy pygmies claim Stephen Bunting to be the third best player in the World cos he battered Bottler o Shea, Melted Plastic Bag Face Durrant, and Gary Jobson on a regular basis, wont be long I reckon before Kevin McDine will be classed as one of the best in the World when he continues to batter the uber jobbers in the BDO.

These Mushrooms  not only try to defend the shabolic BDO but have hatred for the booming success of the  PDC.

The mushrooms are anhedonic when it comes to the PDC.
If a PDC player hits a low average then the PDC is deemed shit, but adversely if its a huge average, then its the PDC cheating with so called toyboard.
Amazingly when the bdo players play on the same boards in the Grand Slam they get battered, odd that.

Mushrooms moaned and complained when betting companies sponsored the PDC, oddly the same Mushroom cunts had no issue when betting sites got involved in BDO event...go figure.

When the Lakeshite prize fund went up they claimed it was great news, yet strangely the PDC increasing the Ally Pally prize fund was a bad thing and was "killing the game".

When the PDC went to Asia and elsewhere to promote the game via events like the World Series it was bad news, yet when he BDO were on ESPN we were told it was promoting the BDO in Asia which was a good thing...

If the BDO do manage to get a new comp on TV the mushrooms herald the news but oddly when the PDC announce a new event there is suddenly too much darts on TV.

One thick toothless Irish mick Mushroom who has since gone into hiding and spent his time calling taylor a sexual deviant claimed Warty who sexually assaulted a walk on girl was simply a red blooded male.
Then defending genuine real child rapists is something a certain  Mushroom from St Albans did,

Exhibitions won by PDC players are worthless, but should a bdo player win it, then it becomes very important, almost on the level of importance as winning a game of darts on the radio which was deemed very important.

I remember mushroom moaning about walk on girls and fancy dress, although they stopped at suddenly the same time the BDO site started selling orgasm donor suits and fancy dress....another amazing coincidence.

Wonder how many mushrooms bought tickets for the next BDO event, which more than likely wont happen, one welsh simpleton even bought tickets for the fish finger fiasco, and then claimed he knew it would not happen

I cannot wait til the next fuck up in the BDO,or lack of tv for comps etc if only to see the moronic defending of it by the most retarded cunts ever.