Friday, March 4, 2016

Well done ye shower of cunts for killing the UK Open
Bad enough the PDC mutilated the comp by moving it to that shithole in minehead , now ITV continue to forget what the comp is about and instead concentrate on the top players in procession matches against useless cunts.
They showed a lazy fatpot beat some uberjobber, Taylor against that prick Aaron Monk, a guy that thinks doing weight lifting and walking like a pigeon ( left leg, right shoulder) will make people forget what a whiny little bitch he is.He will always be the little queer mammies boy who cried like a bitch every year at Lakeshite when his cunt of a dad turned up for his yearly hammering.

Shit games while other better games were stuck out on the other boards.
By the time that lard arse prostitute visiting dutch mountain of shit was due to play, I decided it was time to turn the volume down and watch the live scoreboard instead as I rather eat my own fucking shit than watch that humped back cunt celebrating with his thalidomide arms fist pumping over Rod Harrington's living semen sample.

Who does Van Vermin get next round, another jobber, and lo and behold on the main TV stage again while other better games dumped off TV.

In the BDO, things getting worse by the week, seems Mitchell and Durrant both invested 10k with Warren Brown is reports on the darts forum are true.....simpletons.

Also a mention for Wade, who moaned and whined and deservedly got beaten, and Chizzy, who done his usual choking job.