Friday, January 29, 2016

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Well folks, he has only gone and done it.

That's right. Warren Joseph Brown becomes the first person in the history of KoTW to win the award THREE times in a row! The 39% shareholder in the heavily insolvent Deluxe Sports and Events never ceases to amaze us and this week has been yet another tale of woe, desperation and overall patheticness.

I've probably missed some things off the list given the amount of cretinous things he has done this week.

- Tickets finally appeared on Ticketmaster EIGHTEEN DAYS late, flogging tickets for a tenner for an event where nobody officially knows the session times (bar the leaked letter). If you were buying a ticket for Friday and found out you were getting half the matches you get on Saturday, you would be rather pissed off
- Warren thinking Ticketmaster are a "promotions company". Jesus fuck, they just sell tickets and take a cut, you silly cunt. Try promoting it yourself. He also thinks they are a "partner".
- Realising by Thursday that tickets aren't selling and therefore concocting a "pub team" offer which you cant actually buy because he hasn't told you how to.
- Blocking people on Twitter who have the sheer audacity to ask for info on when the tickets are being sent out. He even threatened one with a refund before blocking him
- General Twitter ramblings galore this week. These include: suggesting Scott Waites was the best World champion ever, using pictures of bars from other companies and passing them off as his own, continually tagging Carlsberg in Tweets for some unknown reason, tagging the US version of TicketMaster all week rather than the UK one....the man is relentless in his idiocy.

All the while, the BDO website does not carry a SINGLE MENTION of the release of tickets, and a leaked list of participants and prize money has been doing the rounds for almost two weeks now. No official mention of those, either.

So raise a glass to the man who has made KoTW history this week! Will it be one of his 20p pints of beer (as he claimed he could buy in at that price for this event), or will it be a glass from the champagne bar he was claiming as his own this week.

Can he make it four on the spin?

An honorable mention this week to Darryl Fitton, who takes the runners up prize for jumping on the De:luxe slurping bandwagon on Twitter. Probably posting through gritted teeth as it was revealed at least 15 players were lied to about the extent of the "New Era".

Players being told lies in January, it will never catch on....