Friday, February 5, 2016

I am sure many people presumed Warren Brown would win the award for an unprecedented  4th week on the trot, nut instead it goes to a more deserving winner in Sue Williams.

Allow me to explain, now that the Fish finger Fuck Up Fiasco is history and joins those other felusional ideas like the BDO Super Series as a footnote in the comical history of the BDO.

Warren Brown is a nutjob, failure and delusional ego tripping  fantasist, but this muppet can fuck off into the sunset, after playing Sue the Gash for the absolute fucking moron she is. Played her like a fiddle.
It is old yellow teeth that is the one as head of the BDO that made the promises to the counties, the players, the fans and promised this "new era", not the deluded Warren Brown.
It is Sue that owes them an explanation, along with an apology and her resignation, and take her spastic wrinkled up cunt of a husband with her.
Take the whole board out., though I doubt they have any sort of moral compass. that violins I hear, ? people crying about the poor them too.
I don't suffer fools, and the players who stayed and bought the bullshit Sue Williams sold them deserve everything they get..or not get in this case.
How many years of false promises , bullshit , lies and fairy tales do these jobbers need before they wake up and smell the shit, ...wait, all bdo events smell of shit.
How long does it take to see the light ?

Scott Mitchell spoke about the "droves " that would be returning to the BDO, - good luck with that,.
The same Scott Mitchell that said "I would be a fool to leave the BDO with the new events they are putting on" is that working out for you ?

Will Sue do the decent thing and resign ? I doubt it, everyone else will be blamed.
As for the other events planned for the coming year, dont hold your breath, then I am sure spastic BDO fans will try blame Darts Forum members for this as well if this goes tits up.

A couple of other mentions this week,
Phil Taylor who choked against MvG yet again last weekend in the PDC Masters
The idiot that thought putting new boy Michael Smith on twice on his debut in the Premier League was a good idea.
And lastly the form of bunting who starts his toughest role in the PDC, starting tomorrow when he begins defending 10k right off the bat.

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