Friday, January 22, 2016

Well done to Warren Joseph Brown on collecting back to back wins, he joins a very elite group of "special individuals".
This clueless prick has completely lost the plot, has taken to twitter spouting the most inane bullshit.
Seems, the free drink not only covers beer, but wine, cider and some spirits.
I really hope they land a TV deal for the fish players championships.
As I want to see the hoards of council scum in attendance out of their tiny minds on the firewater whisky running amok, and making a Premier League night seem like a Quakers meeting.

And still no sign of the tickets going on sale !!

Seeming they are so desperate now, they are waiting on super league players to reply first.

Its almost like I say this every week how pathetic that whole side of the divide is, and it gets worse each and every week.
If Sue Williams had any respect she would resign now, instead of spending her time at Lakeshite quizzing people for my personal details, and implying threats.
Seemingly people like me who laugh and mock the shambles the bdo is, are the reason thing are so bad it seems, today I read how it was our fault, and it is a smear campaign........go figure.

The mushrooms across the forums have taken it really badly, and the excuses have been flowing how we should not expect this to be run professionally as Sue and the gang are not professionals.
No shit, then fucking resign and hire a professional you dozy stupid cow.

One pot bellied clownshoe with mental illness claimed it was a success as its a new event for players, despite no tickets sold, no tv deal, no mention of a sponsor, and a miserable prizefund , even the fat fucker mitchell must be regretting the comments he made, but fuck him the gullible pig swiller.

Part of me feels sorry for the players at times, then I think fuck them, for being the stupid naive morons that buy the yearly false promises, they only get what they deserve for their own stupidity.

Anyhow must go into hiding now in case the hardmen of the BDO come and knock on my door cos I have hurt their feelings.