Friday, January 15, 2016

Warren Joseph Brown, the deluded cunt the BDO put their faith blindly in.
In my decades watching the darts, and the clusterfuck upon clusterfuck I have seen the BDO make, this is up there as the best ever, or worst if you are a BDO fan.
Even I almost felt sorry for them , that is the genuine lads who simply want to play darts, not Sue the Gash and Wayne the Wanker  Willaims who must be the most retarded people ever to be left run a company.
Their levels of stupidity is staggering.
As for this gobshite from De Luxe they invested in, lets look at his record so far.
After joining the home for the mentally challenged or bdo fanatics as they are officially called he posted
"2016 is basically one big party to say thanks to the #bdofamily who have stayed so loyal"

The warning signs were there from the off that this guy was not well in the head.
 He followed that up by offering all the counties a free bar at the BDO Fish Market event.
Then compounded that by claiming he could buy drink wholesale for 20p a pint
Took to twitter saying he wished he had a brewery as a sponsor before eventually deleting the posts.
Wandered around the recent fiasco that called its self a World Pro at potters Emporium of Piss spouting bullshit and claptrap to any gullible mushroom in proximity stupid enough to buy the shit he was selling.
His business plan was to tell the counties they all should simply just turn up to the fish market and if they get a great crowd investors and sponsors would see them as busy and want to get on board.

Where in the blue fuck did this genetic throwback study business ?

Then he claimed the bdo have signed a deal for them to do the catering and bars at their events for 5 years! Yeah could see Bob Potter rejoicing with that.
As for the event that is sure to be a disaster, an announcement was due this morning at 9.00am but never arrived and now the rumour is it will be tomorrow.
Tickets for the event still not on sale. Still that should not matter to the simpletons who have to book hotels first.

This event could well be the final nail in the BDO financially.
I genuinely never wanted to see the BDO fold or go bust, but enough is enough, as we know Sue the Gash and Wayne the wanker wont do the right thing and commit suicide when, not if ,this fails big time.
I am sure Yellow teeth and the other spastics are already getting their excuses lined up, and promises of new announcements which  the simpletons will keep lapping up.

Even the fat bastard Scott mitchell, the man who believes in invisible dogs has gone quiet, and he was the one promoting this shit the most.
The last time Scott mitchell was this disappointed was when he won Lakeshite and could afford to take his fat arse and his fat family to weight watchers and they then gained more weight.

The bdo is losing roughly 70k a year, so unless raffle tickets go up by 700% and the prize is reduced to 2 pork chops instead of 4, the end is near.
They wont be missed.