Friday, January 8, 2016

In a week where I was inundated with choices De Vos was possibly the biggest Knob of them all..
It was a performance Tony bottler O Shea would have been proud of,
3-0 up in sets and loses the match, you could have had some sympathy if the useless cunt went down fighting, but completely lost the plot at 3 -0 up.
He won just a single leg in the following 4 sets, one of the worst choking in darts I ever saw.

Then there was that clusterfuck of a mess Ted Hankey who hit one double in 24 attempts.
To give you an idea how awful he was , he lost with an average lower than Anastasia Dobromyslova, and she lost to a 69 average., in fact half the entire munters field averaged more than Ted Hankey, in a match, if that dont tell you how shit he is, then nothing will.

Scott Mitchell the reigning champion of the "WORLD PRO" looked like he was gonna pull a "Hankey stroke" stunt, even nurse Trina was on standby with the lube, fat tubby farmer cunt choked on the rotten floorboards of Potters dilapidated hotel.

The funniest part was the comms telling us how Mark McGeenet the pub player was giving him advice during the break.
McGeeney the same choking cunt that missed 8 match darts, in his defeat, but no harm him losing, his arm sickened me, if an arm could get herpes it would look like his.

Then there is the traditional yearly choke job of Glen Durrant, and to be fair I did feel sorry for him, guy is the best player in the bdo in my opinion , but as usual put all the pressure on himself and fucked it up good and proper in a way only he could do,

In the Aileen de Graf -v-  Zijlsta game I saw 2 of the worst double attempts ever.
one dart at double 9 wired the treble 14, and an attempt at double 6  was even worse.

But failure, choking, and pathetic performances was order of the week at the January Jobber Jamboree.
This is a comp where 3 games were won by a player chucking an average in the 60s.
not a single ton plus average in the entire comp.

These stats show how atrocious it has been.


Also a mention for Tommy Cox who retired this week.
One of the founders of the WDC and now PDC, the game of darts owes a lot to him and the other lads who split from the BDO.
Could you imagine how much darts would be in the gutter  had they not broke away.
Good Luck Tommy in your retirement and Thank You.