Friday, December 25, 2015

Always great seeing this poisonous cunt losing.
A short arsed prick with small man syndrome, and like so many physically stunted cunts he is also mentally stunted, thinking his so called cage fighting and big man act will compensate for him being a puny prick.

But going out in the first round was just beautiful, hope he had a terrible xmas too.It was also the manner of his defeat, a 75 average as well, a proper jobbing to boot., and the third lowest average in the entire comp, only the 2 Asians had a worse average.
Crying on social media claiming he might pack up the game, hopefully he does fuck off, maybe he is starting to realize people simply cannot stand the cunt.
Let him go earn the half million quid a year he claims he could make outside of darts, he would not be missed