Friday, December 18, 2015

This weeks week Knob award goes to Wayne Williams of the BDO
This monumental cunt has got offended by my pics laughing at the BDO.
He also is upset at my use of the BDO logo on my pics that I post on here and on forums.

The admin of TSoD contacted me earlier telling me Wayne Williams has threatened to cause trouble among sponsors on the site and bring in a solicitor if I keep posting the BDO logo on the pics I make and post on that forum.
The admin on there shat themselves and asked me to remove logos from future pics which defeats the purpose of the pics in the first place.I wont be posting pics on that site as I will end up getting banned again as the admin on there are well known for sucking up and crawling to those involved in darts

Wayne Williams can go fuck himself, I will not stop using BDO logos to mock the stupid cunt or the rest of his idiotic board, in fact I am gonna increase my pics using the logo now I know I am getting to them.

Shame on the admin team of TSod for shitting themselves as usual....pathetic.

Meanwhile Wayne Williams equally retarded  idiots on the BDO have finally announced their "New Era for BDO Darts"

What a fucking clusterfuck this is gonna be,
They are giving away  over 3350 tickets away for free
providing free coach  travel for the counties
Food will be subsidized, as will drink
Wildcards picked to play in a ranking event

The event will be called the Player's Championship and I bet the money for this new comp will be atrocious ,
They could play for no prize money and this will still lose a fortune.

THE BDO - The comedy gift that keeps on giving.