Friday, December 11, 2015

So Ando finally admits to deliberately losing a game, which is tantamount to cheating in my book.
Some people have defended him, mostlyScottish fans unsurprisingly, some even sympathize with him as the crowd were out of line.
However the fact remains, he should never have done it let alone admit it, which was a totally retarded thing to do. If he admitted by accident, then he is just as stupid for letting it happen, and you have to wonder if he was not reigning World Champion on the eve of the World Champs would action have been taken.
I am certain if another player had said it , there would have been ramifications.

Also a special mention for that comedy gift that keeps on giving.
After spending weeks of hinting and announcements about annoucements the bdo recently released a statement about proposed new events, and how the Winmau Masters was moving location and date and to be played in December.
The retarded cunts on the BDO board failed to realize it clashed with the 2016 CiderCan Masters, and now have had to reschedule it to the 24th - 27th of November.

That clashes with 2 other BDO comps, one being the Cyprus Open, but most importantly that weekend clashes with the PDC Players Championships Finals which will be live on ITV 4.

Good luck filling the copper arena that weekend for the Masters.
I simply cannot see how they are gonna get close to filling it and a half empty hall, no matter how good the arena may be will look shi.
There is no mention of any tv deal, so might have to rely on that shitty winmau stream again.