Friday, December 4, 2015

Possibly the most over rated player in the history of the BDO, up there with Bottler O Shea and Darryl Fitton.
Tonight he was appalling as usual with his usual average in the 80s, he then said after the match he let his opponent off.. What planet is Gry Jobson on, ? Veenstra performed better, deserved to win and averaged almost 6 points more.
It was a turgid night of darts, and if that was not bad enough they had the munters and the kids chucking their shit as well.

On the plus side its always good to see that obese human sack of shit fordham get beaten, as well as Warty with his little midgets walk lose as well

It was only a few years agoin this same shambolic event  an uber jobber wearing pink with an "invisible dog" took the stage and got comprehensively beaten, fast forward to tonight and he comes into this comp as their World champion.


As for the BDO, I see another announcement of an announcement was announced today, citing the BDO will have 3 majors, and Lakeshite was not classed as one of them.
No details of prize money, format, or even if they are on telly.
Smells suspiciously like the Super Series all over again, false promises made prior to Lakeshite in the hope that players wont switch.
Also done as well  prior to the upcoming EDO meeeting, no doubt to cast a spanner in the works for that as well.

If by miracle these new proposed events do get off the ground, and get on TV and have huge prize funds it wont change the quality , or lack of quality in the BDO.
Its simply to late.

The average dart fan cares little for the BDO
Averages in the 70s
Directors in their 70s
and a presentation that looks like the 70s.

Part of me wants these new proposed events to come to fruition, and players do not switch, there is enough ex lakeshite useless cunts in the PDC as it is.

Kong, Pecker, Douglas, Jammy bastard, Desperate Dan lookalike Norris, Kellet etc stinking up events.
Bunting completely dominated the BDO, some spastics thought he is the third best player in the world, fat lump shit cannot dominate a game at the moment, and he was the best the BDO had.

Still I should be thankful for the Cider Can Masters, always good to have live comedy on these winter nights, hopefully the begging bucket makes an appearance this weekend