Friday, November 27, 2015

Following the commotions earlier in the Week where Tommy Thompson has spent  his time complaining about the treatment Lancashite Darts is getting all over social media to anyone that listens, his counterpart  and equally as fucking stupid old yellow teeth herself  continues to show their levels of retardation and capped of  the week by kicking out Lakeshite qualifier Vladamir Amderson.

His heinous crime you might ask ?
Seems he was caught swearing at an event in Denmark and chastised and banned by the DIF, some little known Danish Org, who have zero jurisdiction to hand out global bans, which is the job of the utterly moronic and useless WDF.

Not that the BDO give a flying fuck of course, this is just the excuse they need to fuck Anderson out and get in Sam Hewson who is great friends with the scumbag couple of the Jacklins who by an astounding coincidence are now working with the BDO.

On the issue of the EDO and the equally useless BDO, lets hope this civil war as it has been called gets worse.
I enjoy a good laugh and seeing the mentally deficient fans of these organisations come up with the most stupid excuses to defend their favorite codes.
I hope it gets to the stage where lawyers get involved and end up costing the codes a fortune, not that the EDO has much in the Coffers, not since Irene Muggins fucked over 40k of their money in a slot machine.

BBC dumping lakeshite would be the icing on the cake, but highly unlikely though as the BBC is getting that for pittance, would not surprise me if the got it for free.
In fact the BDO should be paying the BBC to show that shit.