Friday, November 20, 2015

Some might think it harsh giving this weeks award to a player who reached the final of the Grand Slam of Darts, but this was a major fuck up by Taylor.
This defeat could well turn out to be a crippling defeat in more ways than one.
If you look at the bigger picture, this was a final where he was totally in control, led 4-1 at the break and should have been 5-0.
I have said in the past that whilst MvG is without doubt the best player on Earth at the moment there are times when you might have to question his bottle when the pressure is really on him for a change.
All well and good for MVG when he plays floor players, kids, chokers and midcarders or even the top players when he gets a great start.
In the past over the long distance he struggled when under real pressure, his final against Thornton in the Grand Prix showed us that, along with other matches like the 2013 World Final.

This was Taylor;s chance to not only retain the only title he held , but let MvG know he was still the man, despite Taylor being nowhere near his peak.
I believe it was 8 legs that he had shots at doubles first and lost the leg, you simply do not give MvG that many chances,and putting aside the 50k difference in prize money, it was another kick in the balls for Taylor and if anything MvG will become even more invincible now with the confidence of this win.

Thanks Taylor you prick.

Also a mention to the BDO who appear to be taking over the Turkish Open next year.
I know the BDO see Catalonia and Jersey as official countries, but in which part of  Britain is Turkey?.
To make things even more ridiculous they are working with the Jacklin Corporation, whoever the fuck they are, probably that scumbag couple  Des and his wife Bo Selecta  who play for Lincolnshire.

For years the BDO claimed to care about the game, hid behind slogans that meant fuckall when in the end it was always about money.
Wonder how long before the grass roots darts is brought out

The new slogan for the Turkish Open