Friday, November 6, 2015

30 Years Les France has been promoter for the Isle of Man event and this is the tender has been won by the EDO and he and his son have spent the time whining and crying like bitches as if it is "theirs".
Seemingly the biggest moan is about loyalty, this sad blazer wearing old cunt, who is even older than Olly Croft, seriously needs to fuck off.

The Isle of Man event has as many bdo points on offer as Lakeshite, yet results from there use to take up to a week.
The prizefund was too heavy and old fossils like this cunt need booting out of the game.
Who knows, this retarded throwback might end up on the WDF board, he has all the credentials

He is so backwards he makes Tommy Thompson seem modern, but even the EDO should do a better job promoting and sorting this out.
Seems Rab Butler, Lisa Ashton and a few male players are upset, and of course the inbred dolescum of BDO Fanatics are in uproar.
I am sure Rab Butler will stick to his word and miss the event and be a man of his word and a man of principal like bdo cretin Martin Adams who said he would never take the PDC coin, .......hang on, that cannot be right.

Special mention too for that obese mountain of shit Andy Fordham, grinning like a spastic in a recent interview on SkySports recalling the game he was too fat and lazy to complete with Phil Taylor years ago.
He spoke of how instead of going to hospital which a genuine sick person unable to play a game of darts would do, he said how he went back to the pub.
Too fat to walk but can plank his fat arse on a stoll all night supping.
Wonder if Uncle Barry will be adding a stair lift this week to the stage to help the disgusting cunt up the steps for his darts hiding on the oche, providing his heart can last that long.