Friday, October 30, 2015

Is it any wonder the BDO run Lakeshite, and as bad as they are at least they are not as bad as the WDF, who amazingly are even worse at running comps than the BDO and that takes some doing.

Thankfully its only a mickey mouse heap of shit but that does not negate the complete shambles this ridiculous clusterfuck of county players and global jobbers this world cup has been.

Put aside the lack of a stream, let alone tv coverage, the abysmal averages, and the financial costs incurred to organisations that could spend the money on  other much needed areas of improvement, England spent 40k for their team.

On the plus side for the WDF, they must have made a killing this week selling rulebooks, in multiple languages as every cunt seems to be trying to use this to win games rather that doing the damage on the oche.

John Michael the captain of greece, booted out of the comp for so called rules infringement.
The Greek general secretary will have to shoulder a lot of the blame if it is confirmed he did actually contravene some rule, but for the WDF to accept no responsibility is absurd
Strange how no one objected to John Michael all week, and the moment he gets to the semi final againtst one of the most vocal anti PDC players on that side of the divide, the player who recently qualified for the PDC World championships gets kicked out,,
Gimps are running around citing rules are rules, but since when were rules adhered to in that code ?

Remember how Walton was out of the Masters, and the rules broken to allow him back in, the official tweet stated Walton was back in as sportmanship prevailed, odd how sportsmanship did not prevail, this time. I guess a PDC player and John Walton get different treatment on that side of the divide.

That side of the divide is littered by politically motivated cunts, like that time the gibraltar Darts representive went around getting people thrown out of comps a while back, or how the hideous Julie Gore was claiming legs to win a match.

Olly Croft who will celebrate his 86th birthday just days after seeing his former bdo players destroyed in the GSoD is one of the directors of the WDF, which gives you an indication of the type of people milking expenses in this retarded bunch of colossal pricks..

Just as well no one really cares or  is aware of this atrocity of an event, as any true darts fan cares more about the proper darts on this weekend in Belgium with the PDC European Championships.