Friday, October 23, 2015

Years ago that decrepit old cunt Olly Croft stated "we don't owe the players a living".
Its a shame Barry Hearn did not adopt this attitude when coming up with the Grand Slam of Darts qualifying criteria.

A decent tournament fucked beyond belief, thanks to some of the worst qualifiers I have ever had the misfortune to see.
The majority are bdo jobbers but in an effort not to be out done the PDC has provided their own shit now today as well.

The group stages is like a BDO event for the most part, all its short is knitting needles, piss vapors, and a fucking raffle drum.

The list of jobber qualifiers is beyond bad.

Mark Oosterhuis......sweet merciful fuck
Michel van der Horst.......a euro jobber for almost 3 decades that won fuckall
The fat sack of human shit Fordham .......if he is still alive in November
Larry Butler...the American version of Justin Pipe.........The actor Richard Harris summed it up in the movie "The Field when he said "Go home Yank"
Scumbag Kong......with the tattoos that look like they were done by Michael J Fox with a permanent marker.
Wayne doubt we will hear the story again how he saves bus fare by walking to the venue.
Steve Scumbag West....wonder if he will be threatening to slice up someone this weekend as well..
Steve Beaton...thats all we need, him picking up more ranking money and clogging up events.

Barry Hearn is to blame for this shit, as said they don't owe the bdo jobbers a living, and those PDC jobbers need fucking off as well.

These places in the Grand Slam should be going to players who actually won a comp, the likes of Alan Norris,  and Joe Murnan or players who doing well in the pro tour OoM, not some old jobber cunt from the continent who had a lucky day, or the british cunts in Hull who also had a lucky day.

The first round is gonna be a disaster, those qualifiers are so bad, it makes Scott Mitchell seem okay, and that takes some doing.
I cannot see this being repeated next year, no way on Gods green Earth will Hearn make the same mistake again, or at least I hope not.

Was never a fan of the round robin group stage before, but its gonna be horrendous now.

On a side note, I am laughing at how Bunting the so called "third best player in the World" according to some mushroom bdo gimps lost to Andy Boulton.
Glad Mensur the Prick is out as well, have no time for bastards like him who use gamesmanship, and the asshole Justin Pipe going out early always a bonus.

Shame Peterson,& Klaasen failed at the final hurdle

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