Friday, October 16, 2015

Last weekend was the sorriest pathetic excuse of a major I have ever seen.
I remember the days when the BDO Masters was a comp that mattered on the darting calendar, but then that too was pre split.

Standard wise it was atrocious , and this is suppose to be the #2 comp in all the BDO.
Never have I seen such a pathetic list of seeded players. Jeffrey de Graaf was ranked as the #7 seed.When a super jobber like him is 7th seed you soon realize how bad things are, and of course De Graaf proved my point by going out with a 77 average.

Pip Blackwell another example of pub players earning these seedings. The guy was shocking yet his 80 comp average could get him to the last 8, which tells you the standard.

Pip and his average in the 70s went out to this weeks KotW.
Here is a deluded cunt  who claimed he could win this comp for the 4th time, and genuinely believed his own bullshit.
He was seeded #2 for this comp, and in the last 8 played seed Blackwell in what was without doubt the worst match I have ever witnessed in my entire life between 2 seeded players, in a so called major, and by the rime Spineless came off the stage with a win with his 81 average he still went on how he could win the comp.
I guess when the #2 seed thinks an 81 average is good enough to win majors it does sum up the BDO, an 81 comp average once took Bottler O Shea to a Lakeshite final.

But the best part was to come, Spineless, (the guy that had to wait for the BDO to be depleted before he could win a masters, and a watered down version at that) drew Larry Butler, a player that did nothing in a generation but in the space of a few days battered every single player in the BDO that faced him, ex lakeshite chumps, seeded players and even their '1 in the rankings.

Butler is a jobber and will be shown up in the GSoD, but even he beat spineless, and should have beaten him well, and were he not choking near the end could and should have beaten the bearded cunt 5-2 in mickey mouse sets. but always great seeing the most over rated player in history getting beaten.

In the end the best player won the event, however his speech when he actually claimed he was up there with Bob Anderson and Jocky Wilson was one of the most retarded things ever spoken by a deluded BDO player.

The titles that Bob Anderson won will never and cannot be equaled, Bob won this event 3 years on the trot in an open draw, the only player to ever do this., this before it became the seeded joke of a comp it is now

the next BDO major will be at Potters Palace of Piss , the 2016 January Jobber Jamboree, where the worst seeds in history get to do it all over again for the chance to call themselves a world champion., guess on those cold winter days everyone loves a spot of comedy.

But before that we have the GSoD, I cannot wait to see the crowd go to town on Spineless, combine that with his 80 averages that he gets on the toyboards of the blade 4 we are gonna be in for a possible breakdown live on TV