Friday, October 9, 2015

What a fucking week for choices, but the one that made me laugh the most  was seeing the poisonous dwarf Ross Montgomery get beaten in the shambolic Masters.
Ross now has even more time now to cut his grass, finish off getting that stupid hairdo sorted, painting his walls, or cleaning his gutters.
Still at least he won the astronomical amount of 250 quid, I am sure that will go some way to paying for his travel, expenses hotels etc.
The dwarf won just a single solitary leg in the last 3 sets against a polish jobber, his huge 81 average simply did not cut it.

The other contenders this week that deserve a special mention include, in no particular order:

1. Sue Williams . a disgraceful decision from the BDO ro overturn a Johnboy Walton loss and reinstate him in the Lakeshite qualifiers, and make sure one of their favorites gets through, I feel sorry for the player who was robbed of his win...disgraceful.

2. Justin "Dulux" Pipe, having yet another fanny spasm on twitter, cos his little feeling were hurt and threatening to beat people up. He has a history for making these threats, and when given the chance to make it happen he blocked them on twitter. Kicked equipment around cos someone he was boring and cried like a bitch cos a tweet from BetFred hurt his feelings.

3. Vincent van der Voort. No one can sulk like a Dutch cunt, and Vinnie's performance was Barney-like  in terms of sulking, head shaking, and complete giving up, a disgrace and he can kiss goodbye to any glimmer of a dream he might have hoped for in the next PL, lanky cunt should be ashamed of himself.

4. John Gwynne. Shouting into the microphone during the Masters that a player was throwing for the match, and then realizes it was first to 5 sets not 3.
Then during the McKinstry -v- Fitton game says how great northern Ireland was in the football and how shane long scored a great goal for Northern Ireland, and said the Polish jobber that beat Ross was Czech, ranting on about Yorkshire and other county players that no one gives a flying fuck just went on and on and on...any wonder Sky got rid of him.

5. Scott Mitchell. The Jobber Lakeshite Chump getting humped by Larry Butler....priceless.

6. Gary Jobson. Jobber extraordinaire, Chairman of the Travel club and more air miles than Richard Branson. His face today when he unsurprisingly jobbed again was priceless

7. Glen Durrant. BDO #1 battered by an ex PDC old man who did noting in over a decade.......superb.

and last and by no means least

8. The BDO fans, the biggest bunch of genetic mutants, and mentally stunted fuckwits you will ever come across, who all celebrated when an obese Jobber in Andy "the human sack of shit" Fordham won a place in the GSoD.
Fordham along with the other old man Butler qualifying for the GSoD showed just how much the BDO is a clusterfuck of jobbers, pub players, and PDC rejects. JohnBoy Walton who cannot win a game on the PDC Challenge tour qualifies for Lakeshite, ...although had he lost any matches it would be simply overturned anyway by old yellow teeth, Sue the Gash

As for the the Winmau Masters, in the 16 games today there was TWENTY TWO sub 90 averages.
There was SIX sub 80 averages, and even a sub 65 average. One player even won a match today 3-0 in sets with a 78 average, what a fucking joke of a comp.