Friday, October 2, 2015

For years I have read how the BDO spastic fans have claimed this poisonous hun dwarf was not anti PDC but pro BDO, but in the end the truth always comes out.

A angry little cunt, no doubt with small man complex who because he was hurt my mother nature sees the PDC as all things evil.
Or is it something simple, like he has no option but to refuse to play in the BDO Grand slam qualifier, as he knows he simply has not got the ability, talent and is nothing but a complete jobber., and by maintaining his hatred of the PDC he can use the spineless excuse of principal to hide behind, although spineless sold his principles for the Barry Hearn coin something he claimed he would never lower himself for.

Ross can now continue to believe he is a top player in the BDO which is tantamount to being the best retard in a Special Olympics field.
He has zero ability, fuckall ambition and a bitter cunt with a chip on his shoulder.

On the plus side, we will still have spineless to laugh at come the Grand Slam of Darts.