Saturday, September 26, 2015

This week goes to short sighted., dim witted , thick as pig shit players of the rank and file who are not attending the BDO qualifier for the PDC Grand Slam of Darts.
Some have even moaned that there is no prize on offer, obviously to retarded to realize the financial gains from being at the Grand Slam, one of those moaning is an official in the EDO.

The PDC are charging 100 quid for entry to the PDC qualifiers and I expect hundred to attend.
The BDO qualifier is only a mere 20 quid and still the pub and county players of the BDO find fault.
On offer in the PDC is a minimum cash prize that will exceed almost anything those players will ever get in their life for a first round match and they find fault.

Then what do you expect when the so called top player in the BDO and #1 ranked player (even if he never won a proper major in his entire life)  seems to be shitting himself again and not entering, guess he heard Dennis Harbour might give it a go.

Then considering how the BDO players do on a regular basis in the Grand Slam it is no real surprise the pub players of the BDO feels intimidated and will find any excuse to make allowances for their inabilities, lack of talent and underlying hatred of the PDC.

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