Friday, September 18, 2015

As head of the PDC the buck land with him when the PDC make themselves look like total knobs.

For ages we have seen the World Series, a glorified exbo for the purpose of promoting the game around the world use a !qualifying table" for their "Finals" night in Scotland.

Why ? What was the point when in the end the PDC simply chose its favorite players  and left out those they had issues with.,The whole qualifying table was a joke.
Then there is the naming of this event in Scotland, calling it a "Finals". How is it finals, its not like anyone qualified, its just  the favorite players selected.
If you are gonna name something a World Series, then name players from around the World since actual qualification was a load of shit .

Darryl Gurney and Willie O Connor would have been good additions, maybe Darin Young from the USA, a couple of Scanadinavians who promote the SDC tour regularly.

I suspect the omission of Belgiums top player Kimmy is deliberate , probably getti8ng punished for his antics a few months back in the casino with the JOB Squad  of Kong, The Human Calculator, and the rest of the BDO switchers who are jobbing these days in the PDC.

So now we have another leg play event in Scotland  called a World Series finals, trhat noeither a World Series nor a Finals .
At least call it something that actually represents what it is, and hopefully next year they can shake it up and make it set play, or try something different like 701 or something, afterall its gonna be nothing more than an unranked exbo.