Friday, September 11, 2015

Decides to more or less boycott Euro events for the entire year and only enters cos his World Grand Prix spot is in serious doubt, , he thinks one event will sort out all those problems.

Well he could pay a huge price especially after rocking up tonight and getting beat by Max Hopp.
I hope he misses the Grand Prix, firstly because of his laziness and secondly because it was unfair all year on the fans who attend these Euro Events en masse.
Shame the other lazy cunts of Ando, Lewis etc dont miss a few majors.

This month also marks the exact 3rd anniversary of Knob of the Week, which began in September 2012, and ironically the first ever winner was Raymond van Barneveld.

I know some will say the Grand Prix would be better with Barney in, and whilst that may be true to a certain extent, his recent record in ranking comps that actually matter, not glorified exbos, is pretty dismal, and he appears only a bad leg or two away from a headshaking session, and he is not that low in the PDC Order of Merit for nothing.