Friday, September 4, 2015

There is news that the EDO are going to be running 2 new TV comps in 2016.
Surely that must be good news you would think ?

But in typical amateur bullshit which is commonplace in darts on that side of the divide this so called news was released BEFORE a single thing has been signed or sealed.
No surprise as the build up to Bob Potters Jobber Jamboree at the Piss Emporium has begun are the promises of new events and tv comps being announced.
It is like this years version of the BDO Super Series, a litany of false promises made to gullible idiots in order to stop them from leaving anbd trying their arm at the PDC Q-School in the new year.

There will be no shortage of mentally stunted morons who will lap this shit up whole.
The proposed new comps are the Darts Masters on May 5th -8th, and the European Open.
Nice of the EDO to name 2 comps with the exact same name as PDC comps, as if people would mistake the 2 products.

Here is the real kicker, the BDO/EDO European open will be on the same weekend as the PDC European Open, how fucking retarded is that., as is some fan would not be able to tell the difference .

But this being that side of the divide it is more than likely this will be another load of bullshit and false promises from them, and should they ever eventually go ahead and even make TV it wont matter a fuck, as be it 2 events or 20 the quality will still be shit.
The standard, production, quality and presentation is so atrocious it will be more damaging than good for the game.

The same mushroom gimp muppets who cry constantly that there is too much darts already on TV are the very same hypocrites who are now heralding this as great news.

On a side note, seeing as these proposed events are going to be EDO run, you have to wonder if the bearded spineless sack of shit will attend these seeing as he basically gave 2 fingers to Tommy Thompson and the EDO in the past.
Maybe he will return to playing EDO as we all know he has no principals and is a whore for money, and would shit on anyone or stab them in the back to get what he wants.

As for Tommy Thompson, you think at his old age he would know by now that you do not announce anything til its signed and sealed, otherwise its just another load of horseshit to try boost morale among the uber jobbers and the skint members of the travel club.