Friday, August 28, 2015

Another deserving award after yet another pathetic performance again this week in the world Series of Darts.
A player over rated to fuck by bdo loving simpletons.
This notion that because a player was top of the BDO he must be a world class player has been dispelled years ago.
Someone had to be top of the BDO that does not make them on a par with the elite of the PDC.
Bunting is a good player but some people would have you believe he is the third best player in the world.

As for his world Series performances, he has now lost 5 of the 7 matches he has played, his only 2 victories came against Shintaro Inoue and David Platt, 2 complete jobbers.

He has lost to Phil Taylor, MVG,Adrian Lewis, Kyle Anderson and Simon Whitlock.
He came to the PDC full of confidence and combined with a lucky run and draw won a UK Open qualifier in his first month, but since then has done fuckall, in fact he has been unfairly rewarded for some shit performances.

He got a undeserved wildcard for the premier league, in which he bombed, then got the invites for the World Series, when other players were more deserving and would have performed better, Dave Chisnall a prime example..

Bunting needs a good Grand Prix and World Champs cos come the new year when he starts to defend money while taking hidings he will see what the real pressure will be like.