Friday, August 21, 2015

On any other board or organisation in the world  she would have bee n sacked by now.
As the head of the BDO her record is appalling, its even worse than that Spineless cunt or Olly Croft.

The BDO is in a worse condition today than it was over 20 years ago at the time of the split, and not only have the got worse but did so in a fucking boom period for darts.
Even a moron could have organized something that could be piggybacking of the global love of darts.

When was the last televised comp from the BDO ?
I already have read some retarded cunts on forums saying how the Cidercan Masters is coming soon as if it is some major.
A category C event in Holland , shown on some provincial tv station, inundated with news breaks and weather forecasts, is the next event that might make a stream and that has nothing to do with the bdo seeing as its a dutch  run event.

Had she the slightest amount of shame she would resign, and let some other cunt try do the impossible and salvage something, but seeing as the AGM is not long over, seems this board of geriatric dinosaur bitter cunts are quite content to carry on being the laughing stock of darts