Friday, August 14, 2015

What moron at Sky had the retarded notion of making a darts show entitled 180 ?
This promises to be the bullseye of the 21st century,.
Yes darts is on a high thanks to the PDC, but this is a sure fire way of doing more damage than good.

Davina NcCall is ugly as sin and well past her sell by date, and an annoying bitch, and Freddie Flintoff is as funny as cancer with as much charm and presence as Wes Newton the black hole of entertainment.

If that was not bad enough the players lined up on this to boost their own ego are the likes of Phil Taylor, who lets face it is more suited to be on Jeremy Kyle with his dysfunctional family,
Gary Anderson who is still trying to come to terms with the English language, and MVG who is so fucking ugly a whole new batch of tv viewers will now be thinking "look at the fucking state of this ugly cunt"..

Can picture Taylor monging it up on TV, in fact this will be so bad it might be good for all the wrong reasons.

You think if they were interested in doing some darts programme they would do a show for sky sports like a magazine type show, one that concentrates on the players ,be it the youth, rising stars, possible world championship qualifiers etc, round up news, etc, not this heap of shit this promises to be.

I do wonder if the players selected will be the usual sky golden boys, that little clique of favorites, or could we see a BDO player on the show, cos a show this bad is ready made for Ted Hankey and his open shirt with the historic sweat stains