Friday, August 7, 2015

A recent post on the darts forum suggesting Tommy Thompson for Knob of the Week was as apt and to the point as you can get.

 Tommy Thompson, for putting himself up for election to the BDO Board and then promptly fucking off to a wedding on the day of the vote at the AGM.
 Remember this is not long after the same guy who is responsible for finances in both the Lancashire darts as well as England Darts saw his treasurer get a suspended sentence in court for robbing his organisation blind right under his nose and he as financial controller oblivious to this for years..

Maybe if he was the one robbing the organisation he might have a better chance of getting on the board, after all Sue the Gash is more or less robbing the BDO blind.
She paid herself 20k last year for her great work in losing the BDO 50k,.....she would do great at banking in Ireland.

As for Tommy Thompson who looks like a future Peter Stringfellow with AIDS, he does love his darts, then so do a lot of spastics, that does not mean you are good enough to run an organisation. or be part of the board.
If the BDO is to have any chance it needs young intelligent people who are capable and not stuck in the last century, but we all know what happened the last time players wanted tv comps and forward thinking people,.. and Tommy Thompson is not one of those people capable of changing anything had he made the board or not
Not sure anyone could save the BDO now and lets face it there is no need for the out of date, out of touch and out of talent shower of cunts.

Let each country run their own shit, WDF oversee said shit and let the BDO who have no business running anything in the first place wither and die.

I would laugh so much if the WDF who recently met with Uncle Barry and PDC officials decided to accept the PDC as the official world champs,

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