Friday, July 31, 2015

He is a guy talented as fuck with an abundance of natural ability yet has won far less that a player of his ability has.
Why in the blue fuck he has Deller as his manager still is beyond a joke as it is obviously not working, in fact he is worse than ever, time Deller was shown the door, as all he is good for is finding Lewis exbo's on boats and that is pathetic for a guy who should be in the top 2 or 3 in the world at the very least,

Lewis broke on the PDC in 2006 at the same time James Wade did and everyone said how he was the future star of darts, many thought Wade would be far inferior as he had nowhere near when it came to natural throw and ability.

Fast forward almost a decade , Wade has won 5 proper majors ( Matchplay, Grand Prix x 2 and UK Open x 2) and3 second tier events, the Premier League , Unibet Masters and the CLoD.
Wade threw away a GSoD against Waites, and a World semi nfinal against Lewis.

Lewis in that time has won 3 majors ( 2 world titles and a UK Open) and a single secondary title in a European Championship.
That is a pretty bleak haul for a player of his ability, and yes 2 World Tiles do mean an awful lot but when you consider one of those was gifted to him by Wade, who I firmly believe would also have beaten Hamilton in the Final, its not the most impressive list.

Never mind that MVG, Taylor and Ando are now above him in the Order of Merit, Krusty the Clown is ranked higher, and Wade will soon be as well.
Lewis is defending the European Championship this autumn which is 50k, another 20k as a semi finalist in the Gran Prix and 50k as a semi finalist in the Worlds.

If Lewis does not get his act together and dump that Deller and get himself motivated, he could be soon out of the top 8 with other players closing the gap