Friday, July 24, 2015

Runaway winner again this Week with Headshaker.
The good part is we might eventaully get the retarded Dave Clarke and the assclown Wayne Mardle to stop hyping the sweaty postman. For years most people have known his days as a top player were over but they insist of try to hoodwink us in thinking he is still a top player.
He has not won a ranking major in years, and his attitude stinks.

His aversion to playing in the PDC Euro events is proving very very costly now.
He along with the Gary Anderson and Adrian Lewis have all suffered early defeats this week and sure enough all three have a habit of sticking two fingers up at fans in Europe by dodging PDC events after the fans turn up and pay good money to see these players.
That lack of competition has not only cost Barney any competitive edge it will hurt him financially now.
He looks pretty fucked now as in qualifying for the Grand Prix, and I hope he wont make it.
He needs to play he remaining players floor championships first and then hope that he can do better than those around him.

I personally hope he dont make it, and am glad Lewis andAnderson went out as well, if only Taylor the cunt would fo out now it would be sweet .
MVG might look like an autistic mongo cunt, act like one as well and deserve a smack for his bad gamesmanship at least the lad turns up to most Euro events and gives a shit about the fans, the people who make it possible for him to travel the world and make good money.

As for Lewis, he seriously needs to get rid of Deller, the guy has done nothing, in fact Lewis has got worse.
Also a special mention for Whitlock who lost a 9-3 lead in his match that saw Ian White win 7 straight legs.
Also Strephen Bunting, the player BDO mushroom gimps would have you believe  is the third best player in the World....yeah right.

And lets not forget the deluded fans of Barney, those who think he still is a top player.