Friday, July 17, 2015

It takes a special type of mutant fan to win Knob of the Week but this guy Steve Egerton is a natural.
He was one of the guys in BDO fanatics that started a go fund me campaign between the 3,000 plus members and made....wait for it....125 quid, roughly 4 pence per member.

Last week the PDC sold 17,000 tickets  for the 2016 World Championships in just  2 hours, now this this cunt take the news ?

This is what he wrote on twitter
How much of a bitter cunt must one be to type that shit.
No doubt another one of these degenerate pricks that spouts "the PDC bubble will burst",  trying to convince others and himself it will.
This deep rooted hatred of the PDC and top quality darts, the hoping the game suffers, and all this while claiming he is a darts fan.
The forums and twitter are full of these defective arsewipes who act personally threatened by the PDC and openly dream of the PDC going into difficulty.
Why anyone who claims to be a fan would want an organization to go out of business or hope for it  never makes sense to me.
I mock the BDO more than anyone, and even I would not like to see them fold, they have a purpose, all be it grass root, running pub darts etc, but no competition under any circumstance in the BDO should ever have the word WORLD in it, be it Bob Potters Jobber Jamboree, or the Catas Trophy.
They stick to the donky work for the pub players and leave the true World competitions to the PDC.

Anyhow tomorrow sees the start of the Matchplay, which no doubt will be a terrible time for the likes of Egerton, and all the other bitter mushroom gimps and minions of Sue the Gash,who will be forced at gun point to watch the PDC.where like last weekend in the PDC we will see more ton plus averages in one week than we saw at Lakeshite since the split.