Friday, July 10, 2015

Hero to the BDO gimp mushrooms and who has been referred to by some as "the third best player in the world"  beaten by the euro jobber  Jyhan Artut..

Here is a guy that because he completely dominated the shitty BDO people automatically assume he is a top player.Then again at least he did qualify for the event, unlike BDO Lakeshite semi finalist Kong.
Wait til the new year when Bunting starts to defend money, most notably the initial 10k from the UK Open qualifier onwards, and we will see how he handles things from then in.

Also a special mention this week for the bearded spineless cunt Adams, who saw a tweet for the increased prize money at the world championships and thougt it was the BDO.
We all knew he was a bitter cunt, and an ignorant cunt and now he has proved he is a stupid cunt as well.

Also a mention for Scottish darts who had to depend on Gary Anderson to pay for the Scottish youth players to job in Denmark at the useless WDF Europe Event this weekend.
The Scottish Darts cunts are making handy money from the Scottish Open, yet somehow are skint.
They should get someone to check the books, sounds like the chairman is as thick and stupid as Tommy Thompson   when he did nothing or knew anything when tens of thousand of pounds were being robbed from the accounts.
Was Irene Mungins in Scotland ?