Friday, June 19, 2015

After the PDC World Cup there was no shortage of Knobs, but the clear runaway winner this week is the Spineless cunt.
Here is someone who not only cheated on his wife, swore at a kid, stabbed his so called friend and pensioner Olly Croft in the back for his job, but was even worse at it than Olly ever was.
A bitter, vile horrible cunt and proven liar.

He showed his true bitterness when he said why he would never join the PDC or take part in their comps ever again.
1. He refuses to sign a contract......A lie as he signed one every time he reached a semi final at Lakeshite, however worthless said contract might be..
2. Claimed playing for England was his first love....again a lie as evident by the way he treated the EDO and Tommy Thompson
3. His dislike of Barry Hearn and how he wanted nothing to do with him or his competitions.

Now the "hero" to the gimps and mushrooms of the BDO  has yet again shown his true colors and abandoned and tossed aside all his principles for money, and Barry Hearns money at that, the same man he claimed he wanted nothing to do with.
Had the bearded cunt stuck to his principles he might have had gained a small modicum of respect, but not only did he sell out, but did so because he was told to by olf yellow teeth herself.So much for the so called independent man of principle, proving he is nothing but a puppet as well.

His moronic fans are quick to herald his inclusion in the GSoD, the same morons who also heralded him when he was also ddeclining the invites in the past.The morons showed their hypocrisy yet again.

Across the forums his fans delusion and retarded comments have already begun, a couple think he can win it, how fucking deluded is that.
One scottish inbred junkie and hibs supporter claimed if Spineless was more than 20/1 he "would eat his own shit", only apy since so much shit comes out his mouth anyway.
William Hill have him priced @ 66/1

I genuinely cannot wait til he bombs , and the crowd goes to town on the vile sack of shit, but fear not I am sure his fans are already working on the excuses as we speak.

Nothing will ever change the man is a cheater, proven liar and someone who sold out his made up priciples for the coin of a man he claimed he wanted nothing to do with.
This Spineless cunt should get an Honorary Lifetime Knob Award.